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Bese Saka - A symbol of affluence, power, unity and abundance! "sack of kola nuts" – (The food of the Ancestors) He who brings kola, brings life.


Camp BESE SAKA is a four-week summer learning experience designed to strengthen the youth’s academic and social skills, as well as their spiritual and cultural understanding. Camp BESE SAKA aims to help campers return to the abundance of nature, understanding that they have an important role to play in ensuring the inheritance that they received in Beulah Land so that it is developed, preserved and maintained for future generations.

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***An online payment transaction convenience fee is included in the cost***

Summer Registration + Full Payment
Registration + Full Payment + Transaction Fees
Price: $441.88

Summer Camp Payment
Full Payment + Transaction Fee
Price: $410.80

Summer Camp Payment
1/2 Payment + Transaction Fee
Price: $205.40

Summer Camp Registration
Registration + Transaction Fee
Price: $41.40

Online Giving Campaign

May 1 - July 19


In an effort to reach our national community of supporters we will be conducting a fundraising campaign via social media. We ask that all Alkebulan Alum, past church members, and anyone in the greater community consider a contribution May - July 2018 to ensure the current generation has an impactful and life changing summer learning experience. Youth from ALL regions are invited to participate in this amazing camp! Camp Bese Saka!

Please Donate and Spread the Word!