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Sunday Worship at 11:00 AM ET

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Adult Best Self Theology is class every Sunday at 10:00 am.

Children's Sunday School is from 11:45 pm - 12:30 pm for children ages 3 - 13.


Shrine #1 is A Host Site

for the

The Detroit Independent Freedom School Movement was established in response to policies put in place by a series of emergency manager to systematically dismantle the Detroit Public Schools.  These policies have seriously underminded the education of our young people and the Detroit Independent Freedom School Movement (DIFSM) was created to fill that void.

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Shrine Bookstore and Cultural Center

13535 Livernois @ Davison

Detroit, MI 48238

Open Friday and Saturday 12 noon - 6 pm

There is a charge for tours and use of the cultural center space for events. 

Tours and events are scheduled by request.



Group Leaders' meeting is the first and third Tuesdays

at 6:30 pm in the NTC Dining Room.



WANTED: Our church Food Pantry is in need of a refrigerator (new or used) to keep our donated perishable food items from spoiling.  Please see Sister Tiombe Briggs to assist with this need.

FREE FOOD and CLOTHES on the third Saturday of each month from 11 am to 1 pm.  We are now asking for men's shoes, personal items and CLEAN, FRESH, PRESSED, in GOOD condition folded or on hangers.  Please bring bagged clothes as we offer your donations directly to the public.



2016 Board of Trustees

Bishop Mbiyu Chui, Pastor

Sis. Tene

Sis. Dara

Sis. Isoke Ifoma

Sis. Khuthala

Capt. Adisa

Mw. Ambidwile

Mw. Diallo

Rev. Kenyatta

Sis. Adesola, Executive Trustee

Mama Hanifa

Fundi Andou, alternate


Pastor's Ministry Team - Bishop Mbiyu Chui, Pastor

Mw. Ambidwile, Associate Pastor

Sister Adero, & Bro. Kaaria Pastor Aids

Fundi Andou, Shrine Administrator

Sis. Isoke Ifama, Youth Minister

Sis. Samiha, Minister of Music

Maj. Tacuma, Media Arts Coordinator

Cpl. Kweli Jomo, Adult /Bro. Koko, Jr.

Sis. Nireti, Sis. Hanifa & Mw. Diallo, Worship Leaders



Due to the number of people presently on our prayer list and recent requests, only recent requests for prayer and those who are hospitalized will be listed in our bulletin. The entire extensive prayer list (including those who have been on the list for a long period of time), will be posted on the board leading to the church fellowship hall, the service officiator will have a copy, and copies will be available at the Usher Table for those who would like to see the complete list for their prayers. Please continue to pray for our members with chronic illnesses, as well as our people throughout the world and all who are suffering.


The Pastoral Called to Care Ministry Office is Room 720 at the NTC. The telephone number is 313.915.2419 and the email address is Request cards are at the NTC.