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Community Service Awards

Dr. Woodrow Smith Jr.

National Community Service Award


Cardinal Aminifu - by: Jaramogi Menelik Kimathi


Cardinal Aminifu Waganga (Dr. Woodrow Smith Jr.) served the Nation in ways too numerous to count, and with a depth of care, excellence, and impact that has been unsurpassed in the annals of our church's history.  In every region in which he served Cardinal Aminifu became nothing short of a legend for positive and lasting impact he left upon the people with whom he interacted.  So great and so long and so consistent and so dedicated was Cardinal Aminifu's service that it is only fitting that the National service Award given out by the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church be named in his honor.



"The value of community service is central to our expression of Christian faith.  We must understand and recognize that the people who are being honored are real people who have decided to make a difference."                                                                                   Jaramogi Menelik Kimathi



2017 Community Service Award Recipients

~ Central Region ~

Denise Oyin Mason - Bio

Joanne Hanifah Hightower - Bio

Phoeobe Mama Isoke Reynolds - Bio

Roger Njemanze Short - Bio

~ Southern Region ~

To Be Announced

~ Southwest Region ~

Rev. Aminata Ojore - Bio

Kevin Bahati Johnson - Bio

2016 Community Service Award Recipients

~ Central Region ~

Emmett B. Hagood, Jr.- Bio

~ Southern Region ~

Rev. Ayana Madziyomo - Bio

Rev. Rueben Warren - Bio

Elder Oni Nailah Oluremi - Bio

Bro. Ellery Tacuma Hill - Bio

Angelou C. Ezeilo - Bio

Derrick Boazman - Bio

~ Southwest Region ~

Rev. Cynthia Nailah Nelson - Bio

2015 Community Service Award Recipients


~ Central Region ~

Nzingha M.Masani-Manuel 

Cherolyn Rosemary Amal Muhammad 

Wallace M Jomo Ribbron

Sharion Ifetayo Asabi Brown


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~ Southern Region ~

Rev. Eva Asha Hill - Bio

Sis. Marie Abeo Brown - Bio


~Southwest Region ~

Jackie Marini Adams - Bio


2014 Community Service Award Recipients


~ Central Region ~

Rev. Anthony Ambidwile Carter - Bio

Rev. Karen Migozo Taylor  - Bio


~ Southwest Region ~

Rev. Diana Anika Worthy - Bio


2013 Community Service Award Recipients


~ Central Region ~

Akua Budu-Watkins -Bio

Barbara Nzapa McCarroll-Jones - Bio

Bishop Walter Sele Chalmers -Bio

Judy Abeo Neal - Bio

Mamie Zwadie King Chalmers - Bio


~ Southwest Region ~

Runyararo Fana


2012 Community Service Award Recipients


~ Central Region ~

Cardinal Diana Nilaja Stewart - Bio

Cardinal Gary Muthamaki Bennett - Bio

Lt. James Tacuma Ribbron - Bio


~ Southern Region ~

Cardinal Justina Olubayo Dismuke - Bio

Mwalimu Abasi - Bio

Mwalimu Chikuyu - Bio

Rosel J. Fann - Bio


~ Southwest Region ~

Bishop Sylvia Djenaba Bradshaw - Bio

Norma Raawiya Thomas - Bio

Thirkield Mother Defina Thomas - Bio


2011 Community Service Award Recipients


~ Central Region ~

Bishop Nkenge Abi - Bio

Cardinal F.E. Baye Landy - Bio

Kefentse Chike, Ph.D. - Bio


~ Southern Region ~

Bro. Ade Oguntoye - Bio

Fundi Ewa Ife Omo Oba - Bio

Stanley Mw. Olatunji Cotton - Bio


~Southwest Region ~

Ms. Geynille Dalilah Agee

Joyce Fundi Karimah Johnson

Sharon Tuere Chew Stewart


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2010 Community Service Award Recipients


~ Central Region ~

The Holy Order of the Essenes

Sis. Nireti

Bro. Kojo (Anthony) Darden

Mw. Diallo (William Brown)

Mama Hanifa


~Southern Region ~

Bis. Maia Dakari (Velma Fann) - Bio

Bro. Kariuki Uweso (Melvyn R. Burrow) - Bio


~Southwest Region ~

Bis. Hawanya (Hellena Stokes)

Lt. Teketeke (Terri Dickerson)

Sis. Jaha (Donna Kadirifu)


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2009 Community Service Award Recipients


 ~ Central Region ~

Cardinal Mbiyu William Moore

Cardinal Rashida Mary Blackmon

Cardinal Talibah Cynthia Stephens

Cardinal Karamo Ronald Hewitt

Imani Melanie Roby

Hon. Makunda Barbara Rose Collins

Tene Sandra Ramsey

Bishop Kehinde Briggs


 ~ Southern Region ~

Bro. Jerry Tacuma Brown


  ~ Southwest Region ~

Ada Edwards

Mw. Onyemachi Perry

Roy Perry